BBMPi – on liquidation from of oils, fuels and other liquid petroleum products,

in the form of natural bioremediation

BBMPi – on liquidation from of oils, fuels and other liquid petroleum products,
in the form of natural bioremediation.

BBMPi is especially well adapted for land, water and hard surface petroleum spills in areas such as industrial plant settings (such as cooling ponds and tanks), shorelines – whether rocky or sandy – marinas, railroad tracks, oil wells/oil fields, maintenance facilities, truck roll-overs, and marshes/wetlands remediation where BBMPi can mitigate the collateral damage to the ecosystem caused by clean up crews.

Methods of applying BBMPi range from a simple hand sprinkle to portable, mechanized hydro seeders.

BBMPi consists of tiny spheres of treated wax, which contain nutrients. When a wax sphere comes in contact with spilled oil, it “binds” with the hydrocarbons. Nutrients in the sphere help microorganisms from the immediate environment flourish until they eat every droplet of oil. BBMPi will absorb and remediate, over time, more than 30 times its weight.

BBMPi can be used for various oil, fuel and other liquid petroleum hydrocarbon cleanup applications such as fuel or oil spilled on land or ground, oil spills on shorelines, waterways or marinas, hydraulic fluid spilled in industrial plants, vehicle leaks, gasoline or fuels flowing into stormwater runoff, heating oil in home storage tanks, railroad ballasts, oil wells & oil fields, transformer vaults, maintenance facilities, vehicle rollovers, marsh and wetlands, car wash or parking garage washing usage or areas where oil, diesel fuel, gasoline, liquid petroleum or other hydrocarbon cleanup and natural bioremediation requirements.

BBMPi initial efficacy was quantified under simulated field conditions. There are for key findings of the study:

BBMPi enhances the biodegrading of diesel fuel as compared to non-stimulated natural population of micro organisms.

BBMPi interacts with diesel fuel oil to form a matrix, producing a mixture which is solid and relatively stable.No enhancement in biodegradation was found in the control group of sorbents.

BBMPi used in conjunction with an absorbent and a boom, absorbs petroleum products and enhances the biodegradation of diesel fuel oil by absorption into the sorbent boom.

BBMPi is now in use in multiple remediation scenarios across a wide spectrum of industries.

BBMPi can be used for many oil, fuel and other liquid petroleum hydrocarbon clean up applications such as oil or fuel spilled on land or ground, oil spills on shorelines, waterways or marinas, hydraulic fluid spills in industrial plants, shops or truck leaks, gasoline or fuel stormwater runoff, heating fuel oil in home storage tanks, railroad tracks & railroad ballasts, oil wells & oil fields, transformer vaults, maintenance facilities, vehicle roll-overs, marshes & wetlands, car washing or parking garage washing usage or any area where oil, diesel fuel, gasoline, liquid petroleum or other hydrocarbon cleanup and remediation of oil spills, fuel spills and other hydrocarbon spill may be required.

Exam test just pour the used oil into a glass of water and apply BBMPi. The division of oil is enough to shake the glass to be formed beads absorbed oil. Immediately after shaking, the oil is already distributed and can not be joined together again. The water may be filtered through filter paper and reused. If it is potable, can be drinking again. At first glance, it can see how much efficiency has BBMPi and able to cope with oil. In tests with laboratory and verified in practice, how efficiently BBMPi absorb oil spilled into the water and confirms the important binding properties of hydrocarbons. Technicians in a natural pond poured 0.5 liters used oil and let it expand. Eventually scattered around 1.5 kg BBMPi and he immediately started to work and absorb the oil, which could no longer continue to expand and commit damage. BBMPi properties are such that, due to nanotechnology is hollow and spherical. Pulls together the oil, and he would never let go, because it remains zakompovaný powder. The water surface crust is formed in the plastic state, with which we can handle and remove all the oil, which are poured into the water. We broke a piece zakomponovaného oil powder and tried to squeeze him if does not flow, but the powder did not let a single drop of oil. Such results, we were impressed and that happens in the wild to break down, with the help of free-floating bacteria BBPMi ranks among the most attractive products in the world without the use of chemicals. If we want to carve up the oil using BBMPi on balls, we need pressure. On a broken oil sufficient flow of water to the powder, which drives the to the affected area, wrecking it and will incorporate oil.

BBMPi are manufactured into product for many specific uses. Below is a list of some product and hydrocarbon cleanup applications.

BBMPi can be used on oil, fuel and other liquid hydrocarbon spill cleanup needs on land, water, marsh or swamp land, railroad ballast, soft soil or rocky land areas.

BBMPi are used to absorb, encapsulate and remediate oil, fuel or other liquid petroleum spills and/or leaks in stormwater applications, marinas, oil, gasoline or fuel spills, engine rooms, free floating hydrocarbons, underground vaults, lands areas containing pooled liquid petroleum products and other oil spill or fuel spill applications.

BBMPi for absorption, encapsulation and bioremediation of fuel, gasoline or oil in boat bilges, tanks and stormwater applications, small pooled hydrocarbon spills and other applications.

BBMPi facilitates monitoring of groundwater by absorbing floating oil, fuel and/or liquid petroleum effectively and is less expensive than traditional bailing of wells. BBMPi is submerged about 50% into free floating liquid, and adjusts to changing water levels. It remains buoyant until depleted. BBMPi will absorb ‘free product’ on contact and it will not allow leaching. It promotes rapid bio-degradation and remediation of the absorbed, groundwater-contaminated hydrocarbons. Works well in stormwater catch basin applications too.

BBMPi and ground corncob, used for oil spill, fuel spill and other liquid petroleum hydrocarbon spill cleanup applications. Some of the situations where works well are oil spills or gasoline spills or fuel spills on hard surfaces like concrete or asphalt, wood or hard surfaces in factory or shop floors and maintenance facilities.

A few of the uses and applications for BBMPi include spills on ground, land or water, ground water, well monitoring, ground guard oil spills, oil spills in Gulf areas, hydrocarbon spills such as gas, gasoline, diesel, oil, fuel, military spills, environmental spills, contamination in soil or ground water, oil fracking, Marcellus shale locations, rainscapes and rainscaping, settling ponds, catch basins, sewer drains, stormwater runoff, waterways, marines, marina, rivers, large and small bodies of water, where oil spill booms, pads, socks or other absorbent and remediation products and powders are required.

BBMPi is 100% Bio product.

Application for natural disasters

Application for the industry

Application Household

Biological remediation – Bioremediation is inexpensive and safe method for remediation of oil and oil disasters that petroleum hydrocarbons and hazardous organic compounds violate and pollute nature.

BBMPi – is a technology that uses naturally occurring microorganisms on cleaning hazardous and toxic substances in contaminated land, water and air, which in this way converted into non-toxic substances. This bio – technology is about 60 to 90 percent cheaper than conventional methods (depositions etc.). Bio – remediation (pollutants and transmitting them from one medium to another). It is a future technology.

We can and we know how to purify water. BBMPi is a unique means and after the deployment is only work of nature. It consists of units of less than 120 microns, so incredibly small, which are able to absorb thirty times its own weight. This unique BIO – resource has enormous potential and is used mainly to remedy the damage caused in accidents where there was a spillage or to drain oils as well as for allergy sufferers and in the hospital environment as a disinfectant against bacteria. It literally means suction hydrocarbons contained in the oil and it instantly. Thus seeping oil remains our product, BBMPi, closed. You do not have anything further to add and collect because our product biologically decomposed. BBMPi cleaned!Beeswax contains (among others): potassium, nitrogen, phosphorus, which are necessary for nutrition previously mentioned microorganisms.